“All my life I have had a strong connection with nature. I get knowledge from it and I am fascinated by its perfect order.”

I deal with spiritual transformation and help people to perceive the most basic aspects of their being, such as love and the joy of life, and teach them about the importance of working on relationships. I run transformation workshops for women of all ages, where women open up personal potential, body strength and the inner endless beauty of womanhood.


On the way to my personal knowledge, my love for travel and active cooperation with the original conscious cultures of the world help me. This cooperation inspired me to establish the Živí Země (Living Earth) endowment fund, which supports the guardians of one of the oldest uninterrupted teachings - the Mamos leaders of Sierra Nevada, Colombia - of the KOGI tribe.


I feel a great affection for everything organic. It satisfies me when I can live in harmony with nature. By caring for my inner purity and harmony, I get closer to the meaning of my life - to be a beautiful noble being.



It is almost impossible to state in a few paragraphs what Karaimi does. Therefore, if you are interested, take a look at one of the links below to learn more about Karaimi.


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